UK Rainbow Dust Progel Food Color 25 gm - Ochre (formerly Caramel)


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ProGel® food colors by Rainbow Dust are highly concentrated so only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a deep rich color to your creations. Simply add a small amount to your sugar paste, marzipan, buttercream etc and watch it transform into your desired color as it is mixed in.

Not FDA approved! Use only for non edible decorations!

Customer Reviews

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Liz Trevino
Great product: vibrant colors with liquid gel consistency. Will buy again!

I bought this brand of colors for a royal icing cookie class as per recommendation of the master artist teaching the class and I loved it! This brand has a UK version and US version. The UK version has more colors than US. The master artist is from Europe and the project required some of the colors only available in the UK version. I am glad I found them in Bees Baked Art supplies that fulfilled the order very fast.

Jennifer Smith
Great color

I’ve been using these for a year and the color is great!