The Sweet Stencil Holder by The Sweetest Tiers


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The "Clear" choice for Cookie stencilling!
The Sweet Stencil Holder will change the way you stencil cookies.
Fits standard 5.5" and larger stencils and accommodates a 1/4" rolled cookie with icing. Approximately 3/8" finished cookie.
For thicker cookies, the Sweet Stencil Holder Extender is available for purchase separately. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Gina Dattile
Great customer service

Excellent place to shop with fantastic customer service

Melissa G
Where have you been all my life?

Amazing! I do think there is a time and place for my stencil genie that will make certain projects easier, but this is by far the best stencil holder I own. Makes it super easy to put the stencil right back in the same spot on every cookie. Glad I spent the $$ on this...and the silk screen i've only used once, but fits perfectly on this holder. Great combo.

Linda Hilton

I just used the Sweet Stencil Holder for the first time! It is amazing! It made stenciling with royal icing so much easier! I am looking for to using it with the air brush!

Deborah Goff
Game Changer!

I have tried unsuccessfully for years to stencil with HTV and silk screeen. The hinge on this holder changed everything and the placement sleeve for templates helped so much. With a little more tweaking to my consistency, I will be a pro!

Sally Ohel
The BEST Stencil Holder you can buy!

I have bought every stencil holder out there! I finally found the best one. The Sweetest Tiers Stencil Holder is so easy to use, and saves me so much time. I love that you can mark you placement of the cookie, so all you have to do is left the top up, and place your cookie. The stencil is in line already from the previous one. I wish I would have got this one first, it would have save me so much $$$!