Royal Blue Matt Spectrum Flow Airbrush Paint 75 ml


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The Spectrum Flow airbrush matt paints give a crisp, clean matt finish. The paint can be used to cover large areas or small decorations to add to larger cakes. It is particularly good if you are creating cakes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or Christmas.

The Spectrum Flow ethanol airbrush paints differ from many other paints available on the market as they can be used on chocolate as well as sugarpaste. This is great as you don’t have to colour your chocolate in advance and it means you can get your shading just right. You don’t just have to make do with block colours if you don’t want to.

Unlike water based airbrush paints, the ethanol based Spectrum Flow colours can be layered on top of one another, allowing you more freedom when colouring and shading.

Whereas other airbrush paints are often water based, the ethanol in these paints make them suitable for a huge range of different decorating mediums.

The Spectrum Flow paints can be used to spray onto sugarpaste/fondant, marzipan, chocolate, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, flower paste, buttercream, biscuits, icing sheets, jelly, jam, ice-cream, wafer paper and much more!

Spectrum Flow paints are opaque in appearance and are made with an ethanol and powder mixture. Ethanol, which is a food safe, factory produced ingredient (which has the same properties as alcohol) is used as the propellant for the colour and when it leaves the airbrush in a fine mist of spray it starts to evaporate in the air, even before hitting the cake. This leaves the powder particles of colour behind, giving a powder coat finish to the cake, which is almost dry to the touch immediately after spraying.

The colours can also be mixed to get whatever shade it is you require.

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Color is Spectacular!

Love this airbrush color!! It goes on without ‘glopping’ and creates the perfect blue every time!! As an added bonus your package is at your door SO VERY FAST!!!

Spectrum Flow Blue AB Paint

While i really REALLY love the airbrush color itself, I can't stand the bottle it is in. Every single time I pour color into my airbrush it spills. I use quite a variety of airbrush colors and none of them have this issue. At this point, Im debating on putting the AB paint into another container. Overall, love the product hate the container. (Hence the 3 Stars). If the bottle is changed it'd be a 5 Star review. I love Bees Baked Art Supply Store and will continue to shop here. This review doesn't reflect on her. She's 5 stars all the way.


Perfect customer service, great packaging, quick delivery.