Magic Colours Airbrush Color 55 ml - Orange


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Originally designed for Airbrushing, Magic Airbrush Colours™ have
great smooth consistency with no particles hovering around. Fast
drying and easy to clean with just hot water. If you
do not have an Airbrush system, you could just use various types
of brushes to get different results - from covering a cake with
a thin colour layer to painting as creative as you desire.
Magic Airbrush Colours™ are glycerin free and will work great
with royal icing or any frosting, they are concentrated enough,
so you just need a few drops to reach colourful results.

  • Read Before Use !

    • cake covering with Airbrush or Brushing is very economical since there is only a thin layer of colour applied on the sugarpaste or marzipan
    • Always clean your airbrush after work
    • add a second layer for deeper result
  • More to Know

    • Kosher (Mehadrin)
    • 100% Edible
    • VEGAN
    • FAT FREE
    • Fast Dry
    • Suitable for MC-100 system

Magic Colour is approved as edible in the UK but is considered non toxic for decorative use in the US.

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