Dripcolor Ultra Fine Point Pen


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The new edible ink marker that joins the Food Colors family with its amazing ULTRA FINE POINT design!


Its 0.3mm tip allows you to do the most precise jobs!

Ideal for writing, drawing and painting on cakes, cookies, meringues and more!

The pack contains:

-Food Colors Linners (Brown, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red and Black)

(Each pack contains 6 units of Food Colors Classic)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Josette Tippens
Dripcolor Food Pens are amazing!!

These ultra fine point food grade pens work great for cookie design! The thick tips are great for filling in colors

Melissa G
Great pens!

So I've only gotten to use one so far but, super nice extra fine tip (like a pen), worked great. I did get a tiny bit of pooling at the end of each stroke, after my first cookie for some reason, but it's so hard to find extra fine tips (and in colors).

Ruth Davis
Colored edible markerd

Just used on an order and was not disappointed!!

Carol Hicks
Edible Fine Marker

I use the Dripcolor Ultra Fine Point Pen for tiny details. I do not have any trouble getting them to write as I have had with other brands of edible pens.

Vanessa Ross
Amazing pens!

I’ve been looking for a great, fine tip edible marker for a while. So many just don’t deliver on their claims but these really did!!! they work so well that I actually considered hiding them from my employees. Then I just decided I’m gonna buy everybody a set instead :-)