San Diego Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate Mini Pack 6 oz

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Premium gourmet quality Modeling Chocolate with Superior workability, now available in a MINI 6oz PACK!! Delectable taste, smooth luscious texture that allows for flawless sculpting, rolling, paneling cakes, and creating endless possibilities of decorating elements.

Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate stands up to the heat of your creativity, and allows you to work on your piece longer than any other brand on the market. It blends seamlessly and smoothes better than fondant!

Tired of all the stop on go your home made modeling chocolate puts you through? Are you having to stop your work to let your modeling chocolate cool down, and repeatedly cleaning off grease, or worse, ending up with a puddle of grease and having to restart your work? Put a stop to that frustration, your time is valuable!!

Find out what the world's Premier Cake Artists are raving about, and get your hot hands on HotHands Modeling Chocolate!

6 Oz. 

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I’m new to using modeling chocolate. I was so happy it was easy to work with and also tasted great without being over powering. It arrived quickly.